MICRO-DRY 323 is an effective  standard ACH powder that is minimally micronized. Cost and performance are complementary. The use of several high RI non-volatile oils partially replaces volatile silicone to provide low visible white residue.

Formula ID:
  1. Mix all ingredients except Starch, Polyethylene and MICRO-DRY 323.
  2. Heat to 82°C to get a clear liquid melt.
  3. Add MICRO-DRY 323, followed by Starch and Polyethylene.
  4. Sir and maintain 82°C, mixing well to disperse solids.
  5. Cool while stirring continuously.  When mixtures reaches 55°C, pour into stick containers and cool completely.
Ingredient Supplier
Cyclomethicone (Dow Corning 345 Fluid) Dow Corning 34.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
PPG-15 Stearyl Ether (Arlamol E) Croda 5.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
PPG-3 Myristyl Ether (Promyristyl PM-3) Croda 5.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Stearyl Benzoate (Finsolv 116) Innospec 5.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Stearyl Alcohol (Lanette 18 USP) BASF 18.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Castorwax MP-80) CasChem Inc. 4.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
PEG-8 Distearate (Stepan PEG 400 DS) Stepan 1.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Starch (Dry Flo PC) Akzo Nobel 2.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Polyethylene (Acumist B-6) Honeywell 1.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Aluminium Chlorohydrate Impalpable (MICRO-DRY 323) Elementis 25.00