REACH AZO-956G is a liquid active with low Zr content and a low metals:chloride mole ratio. The combination provides both economy and good sweat reduction performance. The gel exhibits acceptable aesthetic and physical properties, and clear application with no visible white residue.

Formula ID:
  1. Mix first three ingredients and fragrance to uniformity and measure refractive index (RI) of this oil phase.
  2. In a separate beaker, mix remaining ingredients to a clear solution and measure RI of aqueous phase.
  3. Ensure RI of oil and aqueous phase differ no more than 0.0004 units.
  4. Make adjustments to aqueous phase only: add propylene glycol to raise RI or add water to lower.
  5. Once the RI are matched, add slowly the aqueous phase to the oil phase in a mixer using moderate shear.
  6. When all of aqueous phase is added, apply high shear using homogenizer until firm gel is obtained.
  7. Gel at this stage may be cloudy due to entrapped air bubbles. This cloudiness clears upon cooling.
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Cyclomethicone (Silicone 345 Fluid) Dow Corning 8.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone Copolyol (Formulation Aid 5225C) Dow Corning 8.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Dimethicone (Silicone 200 Fluid, 50 cst) Dow Corning 2.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Aluminum Zirconium Octachlorohydrex-GLY Solution (REACH AZO-956 G) Elementis 54.50
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Propylene Glycol 11.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Deionized Water 12.50
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Ethanol 4.00
Ingredient Supplier %w/w
Fragrance q.s.