Rheological Additive for Low to High Polarity Organic Media Easy to Incorporate

Easy to incorporate and designed for use in low to high polarity system of containing aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents. ketones, esters, glycol ethers and alcohols.


· Protective / Anticorrosive coatings 
· Automotive finishes / primers 
· 2K epoxy coatings 
· Inorganic zinc-rich coatings
· PU two-pack systems 
· Vinyl paints (high-build) 
· Alkyd coatings / Thermoplastic acrylic coatings
· Wood coatings 
· Coil coatings 
· Industrial baking paints
· Offset / Gravure printing inks 
· UV inks

Key Properties

· Superior dispersibility and easy to incorporate 
· Provide good mid shear viscosity 
· Excellent flow and application 
· Good sag control and pigment suspension properties 
· Eliminates the need for polar or chemical activator 
· Little impact on transparent and gloss 
· Suitable for wide application, from low to high polarity system 
· Great flexibility in manufacturing process 
· Consistent batch to batch development of rheological properties

Use Levels

0.2 - 2.0 % based on total formulation by weight.
It is recommended to ascertain the actual optimum concentration of BENGEL 988 by means of ladder trials.