Non-animal Origin Rheological Additive For Cosmetics And Toiletries    

BENTONE  LUXE  XO  provides  emulsification  and rheological  properties  for  silicone  free  water  in  oil systems. 

BENTONE  LUXE  XO  creates  extremely  stable emulsions  with  the  ability  to  create  a  variety  of textures. Emulsions containing BENTONE LUXE  XO apply easily without leaving a greasy film on the skin. This emulsifying gel can create water  in oil systems containing extremely high oil content.

BENTONE LUXE XO can be used in color cosmetics or  sunscreens  to  disperse  and  suspend  pigments and actives. 

Inci Name:

C13-15 Alkane , Disteardimonium Hectorite, Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate


˙  Lipcare ˙  Eye Make-Up ˙  Lip Products ˙  Facial Make-up ˙  Emulsions ˙  Creams and Lotions ˙  Water in silicone emulsions ˙  Sun Protection Products ˙  After Sun Products

Key Properties

Non-animal origin

Rheological control ˙  Predictable, reproducible and stable viscosity control ˙  Shear-thinning viscosity ˙  Excellent suspension of pigments and actives ˙  Controlled alignment of special-effect pigments ˙  Thermostable viscosity raises apparent melting point and ensures cost-efficient use of UV filters ˙  Emulsion stabilization [w/o]

Convenience ˙  Optimally dispersed organoclay and emulsifier ˙  Incorporates with medium-shear mixing ˙  Gives a high degree of formulating flexibility ˙  Provides highly reproducible results for multi-site production requirements

Acceptability ˙  Non-abrasive ˙  Provides smooth feel to skin ˙  Toxicologically safe ingredients

Use Levels

3 – 15%.