Defoamer for Water-Borne Adhesive Systems

100% active mineral oil based defoamer. DAPRO DF 7160 was specially designed for PSA, especially viscosity type, high coating speed for BOPP film application, with excellent antifoam and defoaming performance.


· Adhesive or pressure sensitive adhesive

· Latex synthesis

· Inks

· Industrial paint

Key Properties

· Special design for pressure sensitive adhesive, especially low viscosity type, high coating speed for BOPP film application, with excellent antifoam and defoaming performance.

· Easy dispersible, could be used in post addition after latex synthesi s or formulation stage before coating

· Incorporation by any stage is accpetable regarding easy dispersible & good compa tibility performance, and it can prevent oil slick and cratering defect.

· Excellent antifoam ability to ensure less microfoam while higher speed coating and thicker film thickness is applied, and less effect on the final film transparency .

Good temperature stability for low temperature coating, and high temperature incorporation while end stage of latex synthesis.

· Possible to enhance p erformance by e levated dosing but less compatibility concern.