Innovation, Growth and Efficiency are the pillars of our strategic agenda. Execution of our priorities in these areas will address our customers’ most challenging problems while driving sustained value creation


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are a global leader in performance-driven additives that create innovation solutions for our customers.

Leveraging our capabilities in rheology, surface chemistry and formulation we help customers improve their products, responding to their biggest challenges through deep partnerships, ongoing technical support and consistent quality, service and delivery. This focus on market leading innovation drives our business and our growth.


Our transformed portfolio is focused on Personal Care and Performance Specialties. The value chains across these segments are similar, transforming advantaged and long life hectorite and talc resources into high value additives via distinctive processing and formulation expertise, as well as consistent product quality and high levels of customer support.

In addition to their enduring competitive advantages, there are clear growth opportunities for these premium performance additive businesses, in areas such as natural skin care ingredients and waterborne coatings, supported by structural mega trends.


Improving efficiency and reducing our environmental impact is an ongoing focus at Elementis. We are always seeking to improve our organisation, drive ongoing efficiency gains and become more agile. We are currently focused on three areas: organisational structure, operational efficiency and digitalisation.

Whether it be how we manage our teams, run our global supply chain setup, or serve our customers, we have a mentality of continuous improvement. With this clear focus, we aim to build on our progress and deliver $10 million of cost savings and $10m of working capital reduction by 2023.

To read more about our strategy please refer to our 2022 Annual Report