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Watercolor Rose Blush

This  almost  completely  natural cream  formula  delivers  sheer coverage with comfortable wear for a soft-focus look  with  an  ethereal glow.

Chocolate Orange Cleansing Drops

For a unique cleansing experience, place these little chocolate orange drops in your hand and add water. Gentle rubbing will dissolve the drops and create a mild luxurious foam.

Marshmallow Melt Sunscreen

This  melty  marshmallow  cream provides  a  light  application  and broad  spectrum  sunscreen  giving
daily protection and moisturization. It  has  a  predicted  SPF  of  15  and FDA Broad UVA protection.

Strawberry Slumber

This luxurious probiotic skin cream can  be  applied  at  night  to  help rejuvenate the skin.

Silky Cleansing Melt

This fine and smooth cleansing balm delivers good spreadability and a nice feeling on the skin after washing off.

Natural Facial Mask Powder

This Facial Mask powder is a new concept formulation following the trend of DIY, based in approximately 90% natural derived ingredients. This water-free facial mask can be mixed with water  to give a great texture, offering  to consumers the experience of making their own formula besides the sensorial properties—from application to final soft after feel.  Mix at a ratio of 2g to 20ml of water.

Gelled Oil Cleanser

Splash face with water before applying this soft balm onto the skin.  Massage into skin for 20-60 seconds, then rinse with water for soothed, cleansed skin.

UV Defense Sunscreen Fluid

This light-weight sunscreen with a water breaking effect and delivers a silky skin feeling and high UV protection.

Perfect Peach Protector

This peachy daily skin cream has a predicted SPF of 15 and PA++. It is approved in Australia, China,Europe, Japan and Mercosur. 

Day Damage Defense Cream

This daily wear light facial cream helps to protect against damage from the sun. Predicted SPF is 25, with PA+++.

Pure Almond Cleansing Milk

This oil rich but light cleansing lotion gently removes make-up and leaves the skin clean, smooth and nourished. Massage onto skin and remove with a cotton pad.

Youth Pursuit Eye Cream

This rich eye cream with antioxidative resveratrol nourishes and hydrates the eye area and helps to fight the first signs of aging.

Chamomile Serum

This fluid oil rich yet light serum nourishes, hydrates and calms the skin. Apply a few drops onto cleansed skin and continue your skin care routine.