Very low VOC, high efficiency, high active content polyurethane mid-shear thickener for the use in aqueous coatings

Key Properties

· RHEOLATE FX 1080 improves the anti-settling and sag resistance of aqueous paints by increasing the mid and low shear viscosity.
· RHEOLATE FX 1080 acts as a binding agent in the coating and is totally compatible with the standard latexes used in emulsion paints.
· Paints made with RHEOLATE FX 1080 have a higher degree of water resistance and increased scrub resistance than those made with cellulosic thickeners. Higher gloss levels in gloss emulsion paints are obtained by using RHEOLATE FX 1080 as opposed to polyacrylates or cellulosic thickeners.
· Combining RHEOLATE FX 1080 with a suitable pigment dispersant such as NUOSPERSE FX 600 gives outstanding gloss performance.
· For other emulsion paints we recommend the combination of RHEOLATE FX 1080 and NUOSPERSE FX 504, for example.