Low Shear Rate Rheology Modifier for OBM

Designed for horizontal and vertical drilling, THIXATROL RM14 is a unique proprietary organic product that builds low end rheology while having minimal impact on high shear rate rheology. It is very efficient at building structure in invert emulsion drilling fluids with a synthetic, mineral oil or diesel oil based continuous phase. THIXATROL RM14 imparts anti-sag properties to an OBM for enhanced hole cleaning and faster rates of penetration.

Key Properties

-Provides increased LSRR (6 RPM) with minimal impact on HSRR (600 RPM) -Improved anti-sag properties for better hole cleaning -Stable to bottom hole temperatures through 350ºF -“Flatter” rheological profile with respect to both shear and temperature. -Improved ECD control -Fragile gels -Shear thinning rheological profile for improved ROP -Builds viscosity in clay free systems or in combination with organoclays -Easily dispersible liquid for initial viscosity build