Adding sustainability

Through innovation aimed at improving product efficiency, safety, and sustainability, and with a clear goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, benefitting both our organisation and our customers.

Our commitment spans various fronts: from our quest for carbon neutrality to the ongoing refinement of our production techniques and the continuous enhancement of our technology portfolio and driving innovation for sustainability to minimise our ecological footprint. We also prioritise the safety of individuals within our industry, with a specific focus on eliminating or minimising exposure to hazardous substances.

Adding sustainable ingredients

We focus on lowering the overall material footprint and reduce the amount of resources needed - allowing tremendous impact on the final product’s performance and sustainability. Determined to replace fossil derived with renewable or recycled - without compromising on quality and performance – we develop additives sourced from nature and switch to more natural materials. While this is positive for our sustainable goals, it is also helping our customer commitment to reach their sustainable goals.

Key commitments

By innovating we can offer sustainable additives – helping you create more sustainable products. 

Our wide range of natural, natural derived and biobased multifunctional additives help you to add sustainability to your formulations. 

A solid approach towards resources promises responsible use of energy, water, and raw materials. 

Adding sustainable application

Whether it’s in industrial, professional or DIY context, choosing the right additives can have a huge impact on the sustainable application of paints, inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants. That’s why we fully support the industry’s transition towards safer and more natural products, offering additives for bio- and -water-based solutions.

Our additives can be a link in the chain towards more sustainability. Why not work with an additive that maximises material use, help create a cleaner and smoother application – resulting in less material waste or repairs and thus improve the impact of your product?

Key commitments

Less harmful components – allergy-friendly, biocide, APEO and tin free – enable safer handling of your product. 

Our innovations create multifunctional additives, resulting in more efficient, less rework and waste - and smoother application. 

By reducing the use of harmful chemicals, our additives can help you to minimise your environmental impact and develop more natural formulations. 

Adding sustainable Processing

Faster, easier, safer and more energy efficient production processes are key aspects in the chemistry of the future. Our additives can play a crucial part in your transition to a more sustainable manufacturing process. From minimizing dust exposure during manual handling to new technologies that achieve the desired rheology at lower activation temperatures: the right additives can enhance safety, speed up production and lower your energy consumption.

Key commitments

Highly efficient ingredients – easy handling and minimised exposure to chemicals during production.

We do not stop at our own green strategy - our additives can help you to reduce energy costs and achieve a lower energy footprint 

Easily dispersible at low addition level – our additives contribute to a shorter production time 

Adding sustainable Use

With the world facing defining environmental challenges, consumers and regulators are more mindful on developments around sustainable solutions. It’s essential that we try to eliminate harmful chemicals and extend the lifespan of coatings, to create safer and more sustainable products.

From additives generating low or zero VOC to qualities like improved adhesion and barrier properties creating more durable coated surfaces: greater sustainability in use results in a cleaner, healthier environment. 

Key commitments

By minimising or even fully eliminating harmful chemicals -biocides and APEOS – from our products, we make it possible to create low and zero VOC paints. 

By providing barrier properties and creating exceptional adhesion through our additives we help to create high durability systems.