Stimulation additives

Natural raw materials for fine drilling 

Stimulation is a crucial process for maximizing reservoir production in shale gas or tight oil basins. It encompasses techniques like hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing, both aimed at increasing wellbore production and enhancing hydrocarbon flow for improved recovery. Our comprehensive stimulation solutions cater to a wide range of well needs, ensuring highest-notch performance, efficiency, and optimal recovery. 

Our product range includes a diverse selection of products that confer important properties to the stimulation fluid, such as high viscosity, friction control, formation compatibility, and fluid loss control. Additionally, our Finntalc products are designed to prevent lost circulation situations by offering milled magnesium silicate that effectively fills small spaces. This chemically inert and hydrophobic material does not dissolve in acids, making it a reliable choice for your drilling solutions.  



  • A rheological additive that is an easy dispersing, self-activating organoclay exhibiting high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, poly, linear and isomerized alpha olefins, and modified vegetable oil containing base fluid formulations. 
  • It is highly effective in all slurry formulations. 



  • A rheological additive that is a high efficiency, moderate temperature performance organoclay offering exceptionally rapid yield development. This feature makes it an ideal additive for plants making slurries having low shear mixing equipment.
  • Prevents slurry settling in storage and in transit to the well site.



  • An additive for moderate downhole temperature performance, designed to deliver rapid dispersion and good sag resistance properties.
  • Specifically designed to provide rapid rheology build in low temperature conditions down to 35˚F (2˚C).



  • A rheological additive providing cost-effective slurry suspension. 
  • A moderate temperature performance bentonite based organoclay, particularly effective in slurries where sufficient shear is available to suspension.



  • A rheological additive that is the oil service industry’s standard for a high temperature/high pressure performance organoclay. 
  • This additive is manufactured with a high efficiency hectorite clay noted for imparting superior heat stability and effective suspension in slurry formulations.



  • A unique proprietary organic polymer that generates an efficient rheological profile in synthetic based slurries.
  • Providing a minimal viscosity increase when subjected to reduced temperatures.  



  • A nonionic wetting and dispersing agent for use in slurry formulations.
  • This product is alkyl phenol ethoxylate-free and replaces traditionally used nonionic surfactants. 


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