Exterior wall paint

Functional and weather resistant paint formulation

Exterior structures face increasingly harsh environmental conditions, including extreme weather, smog, and dirt due to our 24/7 economy. Furthermore, many regions are coping with a shortage of skilled painters, emphasizing the need for quick and efficient application processes and extended maintenance intervals. Plus, there's a growing demand for environmentally friendly and safe finishes that protect and enhance building assets.

Meeting these demands requires formulating paints with exceptional colour retention, smooth flow, ideal leveling, and excellent coverage. Elementis additives for exterior wall paints are designed to provide outstanding handling and application properties. Our innovative additives offer remarkable coverage, superior sag resistance, and exceptional flow and leveling, allowing paint manufacturers to create sustainable exterior wall paints while preserving the long-lasting beauty of buildings.

Our key advantages include superior application, flow, and leveling thanks to our patented HX Branching technology, enhanced colour quality through our patented Rheolate® CVS technology, improved resistance to dirt buildup, water stains, mud cracks, and the prevention of unsightly snail trails, as well as safer and more sustainable ingredients that are free from VOCs, biocides, or other concerning substances.



Patented CVS technology to realize color excellence and superior rheology at tinting. Highly efficient, zero VOC , mid-shear builder with minimum KU drop upon tinting.

  • Minimum viscosity drop at tinting
  • Excellent balance of sag and levelling
  • Compatible in all resin systems


Highly efficient, zero VOC, APEO free, Newtonian high-shear builder. Excellent efficiency with hydrophobic resins with exceptional application properties.

  • Excellent balance of sag and leveling
  • Highest efficiency with patented HX branching technology especially on acrylic and styrene acrylic
  • Supports the reduction snail trails, staining, blocking

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