High-quality additive solutions for agriculture

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture’ – this UN Sustainable development goal is where Elementis contributes as a specialty chemicals supplier. We promote natural-based ingredients for sustainable and efficient agriculture.

When our global population increases and global warming squeezes the arable land’s availability, farming efficiency needs to increase to provide adequate food security for everyone. After many years of intensive farming have left large areas exploited and unproductive, the required soli regeneration and need to protect the remaining land has driven the agriculture – as well as food industry – towards organic, natural farming. Supplemented by digital tools for precision farming, agriculture is transforming into a sustainability focused industry, to continue serving us with healthy, nutritious crops for many years to come. 

As a specialty ingredients supplier, we offer clay-based rheology modifier solutions for the most efficient plant protection products, as well as for coatings of fertilisers, seeds and fruit - with strong structuring properties and low viscosity for sprays. Our products bring the added value of moisture retention in soil and enable soil pH modification where necessary. 

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Crop protection

To grow healthy crops, pesticide protection is essential, yet not all active substances are equal and thus require specific formulation aids to assure stability and good flow, especially when spraying. 

We help formulators to achieve good suspension of actives, rheology control for spraying, optimal wettability of plant leaves to assure long-term effect – and all this with natural, crop- and planet-friendly ingredients.

Agricultural coatings

In all industries coatings are used for protection, and most importantly in agriculture – they serve to protect seeds from disease and excess moisture, fruit from drying and rotting, and fertiliser granules from dissolving too quickly and washing out. The coatings formulations need increased stability and yet should remain sprayable at low viscosity.

Our natural based rheology modifiers help to achieve the best results for farmers, protecting the seeds, fruit, and assure controlled fertiliser dissolution, for highest crop efficiency.