Barrier coatings

Unique properties of Finntalc improve barrier performance

Effective packaging should prioritise optimal goods protection while minimising the use of plastic for environmental reasons. Thin coatings that maintain functionality are increasingly sought after. We are dedicated to enhancing the performance of our barrier binders to offer ecologically sound solutions. Our aim is to protect the environment while providing effective barrier coatings.

We place great importance on recyclable packaging. Unfortunately, plastic-coated packaging is not recyclable everywhere. Aqueous barrier dispersions (WBBC) on paper and cardboard packaging are an eco-friendly choice as they offer natural protection against air, water, moisture, and oil. In our efforts to replace PE plastic film in fibre-based packaging, we have embraced water-based coatings (WBBC) as an alternative. Our FINNTALC products stands out with unique properties, such as reduced blocking tendencies in reeling, improved coater runnability, and decreased barrier treatment costs. Using water-based coatings presents sustainable and plastic-free options. FINNTALC contributes to a strong overall performance with its hydrophobic surface and platy shape.




Nuosperse® FN209

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