Drilling fluid additives

Special viscosity with our rheology additives

Well-formulated drilling fluids are crucial for efficient and safe well construction. Achieving the right rheological properties is key to this process. 

In the case of non-aqueous drilling fluids, rheological additives play a vital role. They help in suspending and removing cuttings during drilling operations and prevent the settling of solids during tripping. 

Our BENTONE® and THIXATROL® product lines are specifically designed to enhance the rheology of your drilling fluid systems. They provide properties such as high shear thinning, temperature stability, viscosity control, and excellent hole cleaning. 

Aqueous drilling fluids are gaining traction in the market due to their improved economics and alignment with sustainability goals. This shift towards water-based formulations is a significant trend in the energy sector. 

We offer a comprehensive range of additives tailored for water-based drilling fluids, ensuring compliance with ecolabel regulations. Elementis manufactures modified BENTONE® hectorite-based clays, THIXATROL® polymeric rheology modifiers, and the Dapro® family of defoamers to meet your specific needs. 



  • A rheological additive that is a cost-effective organobentonite viscosifier and suspending agent for oil–based drilling fluids, invert emulsion drilling fluids, and packer fluids.
  • Suitable for drilling fluids with a continuous phase of diesel, crude oil or mineral oil.


  • A rheological additive that is an economical organobentonite viscosifier and suspending agent for oil–based muds, invert emulsion muds, completion fluids and workover fluids.
  • Suitable for drilling fluids based on diesel oil and mineral oil.  It adds to the formulation the temperature stable rheology characteristic of organoclays.


  • A rheological additive that is an organophilic amino-attapulgite which controls the settling of solids in oil-based drilling muds and other drilling fluids.
  • A unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength than conventional bentonite or hectorite based organoclays.


  • A rheological additive that is the oil service industry’s standard for a high temperature/high pressure performance organoclay.
  • This additive is manufactured with a high efficiency hectorite clay noted for imparting superior heat stability.


  • Designed to build gel strength and viscosity in synthetic based invert emulsion drilling fluids and maintain this viscosity build through extreme temperatures.
  • A specially designed organoclay which was chemically engineered to maintain product performance when subjected to temperatures as high as 450ºF for as long as 600 hours.


  • A rheological additive that is an easy dispersing, self-activating organoclay exhibiting high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, poly, linear and isomerized alpha olefins, and modified vegetable oil containing base fluid formulations.
  • It is highly effective in all-oil and invert muds, fracture and workover fluids.



  • A rheological additive that is a high efficiency, moderate temperature performance organoclay offering exceptionally rapid yield development. This feature makes it an ideal additive for mud plants having low shear mixing equipment. 
  • Prevents weighting agent settling in storage and in transit to the well site.



  • A unique proprietary organic polymer that has an OECD306 biodegradability of 43% and PARCOM classification of D. generating an efficient rheological profile in synthetic based invert emulsion drilling fluids while having a minimal viscosity increase when subjected to reduced temperatures. 
  • This highly desirable flat rheological property is stable through 350ºF.


  • Designed for horizontal and vertical drilling, a unique proprietary organic product that builds low end rheology while having minimal impact on high shear rate rheology. 
  • very efficient at building structure in invert emulsion drilling fluids with a synthetic, mineral oil or diesel oil based continuous phase imparting anti-sag properties to an OBM.

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