Unique Chemistry

Leveraging our capabilities in rheology, surface chemistry and formulation, we help our customers respond to their biggest challenges through deep partnerships, ongoing technical support and consistent quality, service and delivery.

Our team of technical experts collaborate closely with customers and apply market knowledge and world-class formulation skills to deliver superior additives that allow our customers to create products that perform at their best and align with the latest trends.

What makes our chemistry unique?

We own the largest high-quality hectorite mine in the world

Hectorite offers superior rheology in water and oil-based systems via its unique molecular structure. It enables lower processing temperatures while delivering secondary benefits, such as excellent sensory properties for Personal Care products and long-term stability for Performance Specialties additives. Additionally, it is a natural alternative to synthetic materials.

We have broad and unparalleled expertise in customised rheology modification

We are a global leading supplier of Rheology modifiers. Rheology is “the science of flow”. It is essential to end product performance. Our naturally derived rheology modifiers and our expertise in this area enable our customers to solve their product performance and sustainability challenges.

We are an expert formulation solution provider

Our laboratories have the ability to formulate finished goods similar to our customers products. We can test these materials to mimic real life conditions for demonstration. This allows us to design tailored additives to meet market unmet needs and test the performance of these materials in fully formulated finished goods.





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