Specialty coatings

Use our technical know-how of the architecture industry

With the market's shift toward more sustainable, safer, and higher-performing paints, the landscape of formulations and ingredient choices is undergoing significant change. This transformation, coupled with the introduction of various "problem-solving" paint products, has added complexity to the world of formulation. Simplifying formulations without sacrificing performance and incorporating intelligent, multifunctional ingredients are crucial for the sustainable formulations of the future.

Meeting formulation challenges across various application areas, from roof coatings and aerosols to effect paints and light-duty metal paints, is where our extensive advanced additive portfolio and technical expertise come into play. We offer a wide range of specialty additives, including NiSAT, Organoclay, Rust Inhibitors, Defoamers, ASE/HASE, and Wetting & Dispersant agents.

Our expertise in Rheology, a core competence built on decades of knowledge and experienced professionals, enables us to enhance the performance of architectural paint formulations in multiple areas such as slip resistance, mar resistance, anti-rust properties, colour acceptance, and reduced water sensitivity. Additionally, our additives provide outstanding flow and leveling properties, making them suitable for various application methods such as spraying, brushing, and rolling.



The ammonium salt of a hydrophobic copolymer dispersant, intended for use in high performance interior and exterior architectural water based coatings.

  • Outstanding flow and leveling i.c.w. NiSAT
  • High gloss in a variety of WB enamel systems
  • Compatible with a broad range of coatings
  • Superior water resistance
  • Stability with ZnO and other reactive pigments

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