Quality ingredients for global oil and gas market

With over 70 years of experience in the oilfield chemicals industry, we have been at the forefront of developing performance chemicals that have a lasting impact on the fluidity, and functionality in the field of drilling fluids, lubrication and grease additives and stimulation additives. Our extensive product spectrum encompasses rheological additives, clay-based lubricants, grease additives, defoamers, and materials for addressing lost circulation. 

We meticulously craft solutions to enhance drilling and stimulation processes, ensuring peak performance and efficiency. By incorporating our additives into drilling operations, our customers can maintain optimal equivalent circulating density (ECD) while enhancing thermal stability through high shear thixotropy. This results in a stable wellbore with effective hole cleaning. 

Furthermore, in simulation processes that demand precision and reliability, our additives play a fundamental role as each additive is carefully formulated to optimise the properties of the materials involved, ultimately yielding superior outcomes. 

Drilling fluid additives

Special viscosity with our rheology additives

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Lubrication & grease additives

Thickener solutions

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Stimulation additives

Natural raw materials for fine drilling

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Adding future

Every day, we rely on products that enhance our comfort. Their colors, textures, and quality inspire us. That's why we incorporate meaningful, functional, and protective elements. Adding future to everyday life.


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