Automotive OEM coatings

Surface solutions for vehicles

The automotive industry will undergo significant changes with the rise of electric vehicles (E-vehicles) over the next decade, changes which will also demand adaptations in the coating industry. This involves integrating coating and additive solutions for new materials while ensuring the desired levels of performance and protection.

One major aspect is the need for lighter vehicle weights due to the transition to E-cars. This also entails using different substrates, including increased use of plastics, and reducing the thickness of coating layers while maintaining performance and protection standards. Our ongoing work involves developing specific additives to meet these demands.

Furthermore, vehicles are becoming increasingly region-specific, necessitating a more flexible approach to coatings. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seek adaptable formulations, and being a local-for-local provider, we can deliver such flexibility. Lastly, our solutions encompass various baking and curing systems suitable for different temperatures, leading to reduced energy costs.

With our expertise in rheological additives, we are dedicated to addressing the unique requirements of the automotive and transportation industry, and our focus is on utilizing high-quality raw materials and developing exceptional industrial automotive and transportation coating solutions.






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