Aluminium Hydroxide Co-dried / Co-blended Gels

Co-dried or co-blended gels are mixtures of more than one material which are dried together, normally by spray drying. This guarantees a homogenous mixture of the primary components which is not sensitive to demixing during transport.

The antacid reactivity of the aluminium hydroxide can be increased and stabilized by the incorporation of additives into the co-blend. 
Tailor made gels can be made on request from simple co-blends up to final bulk products.

Aluminium Hydroxide Magnesium Carbonate Co-Dried Gel C 220, C 225, C 221

C 220 is the most widely used co-dried gel. It contains 61,2 – 67,3 % Al(OH)3 and 8,7 – 13,0 % Mg(OH)2. This standard product has been optimized to provide rapid and prolonged antacid action whilst maintaining the pH of the stomach in the optimum range of 3-5 and providing a balance between the laxative effect of magnesium and the obstipative effect of aluminium. 
C220 is ideal for use in antacid tablets. 
C225 is a low sodium grade of C220 and C221 is a micronized grade, suitable for use in soft tablets and candies.

Type C 220 C 225 C 221
61,2 - 67,3[%]61,2 - 68,9 [%]61,2 - 67,3 [%]
8,7 - 13,0 [%]8,7 - 13,0 [%]8,7 - 13,0 [%]
Density (tapped) 0,25 - 0,35 [g/ml] 0,25 - 0,35 [g/ml] 0,15 - 0,25 [g/ml]
d50- 10 µm- 10 µm- 5 µm
PharmacopoeiaUSP, PhEurUSP, PhEurUSP, PhEur