Deck & fence stains

Consistently beautiful surfaces

Stains are widely used to safeguard and enhance the appearance of decks, fences, and other wooden surfaces. Since these paints are relatively thin, it's crucial to achieve the right texture for user-friendly application without compromising performance. Considering the selection of application methods and the diverse weather conditions, finding the right combination of ingredients is essential to preserve the natural beauty of the surface. 

Our additives redefine the deck and fence staining process, simplifying application and ensuring durable, vibrant finishes. They stand up to challenges like cracking, warping, and fading, even in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, they offer multiple benefits, from improved flow and leveling suitable for various application methods, including spraying, brushing, and rolling, to unique characteristics that prevent dripping, spattering, and sagging. Moreover, they maintain long-term stability, remaining well-mixed without settling or separating over time.



VOC compliant, solvent free, APE-free, provides viscosity at low and medium-shear rates and provides effective flow and leveling control.

  • Creating non dripping effect
  • Imparts strongly shear thinning flow behavior
  • Excellent sag resistance and anti-settling behavior


THIXCIN® R is a non-hygroscopic organic derivative of castor oil. Adds thixotropic body and controls viscosity and reduces settling of pigments and extenders.

  • Produces optimum flow & levelling in paints
  • Controls sag without impairing flow
  • Good liquid penetration into porous surfaces


Super dispersible organoclay for non-polar to medium polarity applications.

  • Super easy dispersible
  • Provides stable viscosity build
  • Controls sag and pigment settling

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