Experts for additives in floor coatings

Floors are perhaps the most heavily used surfaces within architectural paints, enduring a constant stream of footsteps, the weight of people and furniture, and the movement of various objects every day. As a result, the key focus for floor coatings is their performance, combined with the ease of application using methods like brushes, rollers, T-bars, or spraying.

In the market, we've observed a shift from solvent-based to waterborne coatings, and an emerging trend toward more environmentally friendly, biobased solutions. This transition aims to create safer paint formulations by reducing harmful components like VOCs and amines, aligning with a growing concern for safety. Furthermore, there is a noticeable market shift towards ultra-matte coatings to preserve the natural beauty of surfaces, presenting a range of formulation challenges.

Our additives are tailored for floor coatings with these demanding requirements for both durability and aesthetics. They facilitate and support multifunctional application, resist sagging, and prevent settling, offering excellent flow and leveling. Our additives also enhance essential coating properties, such as adhesion, abrasion resistance, and resistance to chemicals. Moreover, they enhance slip resistance, resist scratches, resist BHMR (black heel mark resistance). The result is easy applied floor coatings that can withstand heavy wear, spills, and dirt while retaining their appealing appearance.



Zero-VOC and solvent free liquid rheology modifier based on polyether polyurethane for high shear viscosity in waterborne coatings.

  • Improved film-build, brushing, flow and leveling 
  • Great edge covering and appearance
  • Less sensitive to hydrolysis, great water resistance


Excellent high-shear viscosity build, great synergy with RHEOLATE CVS® rheology modifiers, excellent color properties and good resistances.

  • High gloss, exceptional color acceptance
  • Excellent wet and dry film adhesion
  • Great syneresis control


Slip and mar resistant agent for wide range applications such as waterborne and polar solvent borne coatings as WB alkyd melamine, 2-pack acrylates and epoxies as well as nitrocellulose and UV-curable coatings.

  • Increased surface slip
  • Improved mar resistance
  • Good alkali and acid stability


High-shear viscosity builder providing Newtonian flow. Ideally to be combined with pseudoplastic NiSAT grade for ideally balanced properties. Isothiazoline free (MIT/BIT).

  • Exceptional spatter resistance
  • High film build with outstanding flow & leveling
  • Low odor, Biocide-, VOC-, APEO-Free

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