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Formulating natural skin and sun care products with great texture and performance

Consumer trends in skin and sun care are constantly evolving, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of skin health and protection. In recent years, consumers have become more discerning, seeking products that not only enhance their appearance but also prioritise safety, sustainability, and natural ingredients. The evolving consumer demands shape the skin and sun care industry, going from clean and eco-friendly formulations to innovative sunscreen technologies. 
With our innovative hectorite-based technology, we provide an extensive portfolio of natural and naturally derived ingredients that facilitate the creation of natural skincare products with great texture, sensory and long-lasting stability. Whether facial cleansers with outstanding cleansing efficacy, lightweight sunscreen with a pleasant feel, or luxurious body lotions that leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised, we have the ideal solution for all your skincare formulation needs.

Whether for cleansing or moisturising, we offer ideal solutions for formulating facial products that help consumers achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Our clay-based rheology modifiers help formulate high-performance sunscreens with light skin feel and nice sensory. Say farewell to heavy, greasy sunscreens.

Whether it's a luxurious winter cream or a lightweight summer body lotion, we offer ingredients to create body care products that ensure hydrated and smooth skin.

Creating body cleansing products with a balanced pH, great cleansing efficacy while hydrating the skin? Our board range of ingredients have you covered.

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Versatility through synergy: Hectorite X Biopolymer

COSMOS and Natrue approved, BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 700, a combination of a high purity hectorite grade and xanthan gum provides synergistic effect for utmost stability.

It has a broad pH and electrolyte tolerance, which allows for formulation robustness and versatility. It offers a light sensory and a smooth silky skin feel, which helps formulators overcome the sensorial drawbacks formulating with biopolymers.

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