Pout perfection: formulating lip makeup for irresistible beauty

Lipsticks and lip glosses need to provide vibrant and long-lasting colour while also ensuring a comfortable, non-drying feel on the lips. However, like eye makeup, feathering and smudging are common issues with lip products. Achieving the desired texture and consistency, ensuring good pigment suspension and dispersion, providing longevity and wear resistance while giving moisture and hydration to the lips is proven to be very challenging.  

Our BENTONE GEL® products provide cushioning emollience, long lasting lubricious skin feel, high pigment wetting and glossy films. They also deliver rheological benefits for oil based and emulsion systems, which leads to enhanced product stability, increased viscosity, superior suspending capabilities, better spreading properties and thixotropic flow characteristics, essential for formulating lipsticks with outstanding colour payoff, exceptional stick flexibility and ease of application.  

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