Meet the Team

HuiHeng Foo: “Business and career growth”

“I joined Elementis in 2014. My responsibilities were to manage, plan and drive commercial and business development deals in the region. I work with the team to understand the business situation of the Personal Care portfolio and collaborate to ensure growth and performance targets are consistently met.
Thanks to the support and guidance from senior managers of the business unit, sales in Asia has grown more than tremendously and Personal Care business in Asia is now an important geographical region for growth.”

“I enjoy the process of closing a business deal with customers.”  

“In addition, the business networking within the industry was enormously beneficial for my career growth.
Elementis has been a great company to work for. Safety is a priority for all employees. We embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion. I value being part of Elementis with great colleagues around the globe. It has been extremely motivating and encouraging.”