Interior wall paint

Sustainable application and performance for interiors

The demand for paints that offer a blend of sustainability, safety, and performance is increasing. 
Modern construction methods have made walls more susceptible to stains, scratches, scuffs, and the need for regular scrubbing, which directly impacts the durability of paint. In addition, consumers are becoming more aware of indoor air quality, fueling the quest for paints with extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and less harmful ingredients.

These requirements significantly influence various paint characteristics, such as flow and leveling, drying time, the ability to overlap without issues, and resistance to burnishing. Our additives are specially crafted to facilitate flawless paint application and flow, using RHEOLATE® Powder NiSAT technology. They help eliminate problems like spattering and dripping, provide excellent coverage, improve washability, enhance stain resistance, and ensure superior colour retention. Furthermore, our RHEOLATE® IF series are free of VOCs, solvents, biocides, and APEOs, aligning with the commitment to environmental and health-conscious paint solutions.




Embrace safety and performance with advanced rheology ingredients for architectural formulas.

  • Low VOC, MIT-, Biocide-free
  • EU Ecolabel - Nordic Swan - Blaue Engel - Asthma Allergy Nordic – French NF
  • High performance architectural formulas

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