Introducing our family of 100% solid urethane rheology modifiers Rheolate® Powder NiSAT

For high-performance architectural formulas with flexible and easy incorporation

With a market clearly demanding higher-performing, safer and more sustainable paints, we took on the challenge to change the game of rheology.
Our answer: a powdered version of the urethane rheology modifiers. Safer ingredients, less storage, and consequently a lower carbon footprint on transportation.
Our 100% active powders can easily be incorporated into paint formulations, resulting in improved handling, increased efficiency and meeting the latest health- and safety demands. All whilst preserving the top-notch quality we are known for.


We're adding

  • Sustainability: Realise up to 80% CO2 reduction on transportation and reducing storage space with these solvent-free modifiers.
  • Safer ingredients: Biocide and VOC-free and compatible with allergy and asthma-friendly paints.
  • Performance: Experience a higher efficiency, improved rheology and excellent dry film properties.


Meet our family of 100% solid urethane rheology modifiers.