Hair treatment

Salon result in an instant!

Treatments supplement every-day hair conditioning to repair heavier damage and help restore the natural hair beauty. Both consumers and hairdressers appreciate their high efficacy and almost-instant effect. We offer natural ingredients that mimic the biological hair protection barrier, with proven effects of cuticle repair, restoration of smoothness and hair shine.
Every day, our hair is subjected to a number of damaging effects from the environment, styling procedures or chemical agents. To prevent deterioration of hair condition and repair existing damage, hair treatments are invaluable as they offer higher degree of repair and restore the fibers to their most natural, healthy state. Used regularly, treatments can do wonders, especially after coloration, making hair soft and smooth and reversing damage to hair cuticle. Bio-based ingredients have a proven efficacy in hair treatments as they closely mimic our natural hair protecting barrier, additionally reducing the products’ carbon footprint and resonating with consumer preferences towards natural cosmetics.


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