Personal Care

At Elementis, we provide more than just products; we deliver solutions. As a global specialty ingredients provider, our offerings impact consumers across personal care, home care, industrial cleaning, agriculture, and pharma. 

Known for our expertise in rheology modifiers, global leadership in antiperspirant actives, and leading manufacturing of antacid compounds, we offer our technology know-how and collaborate with customers to develop innovative technologies and tailored solutions that address unmet market needs and enhancing consumer performance. 

Our commitment to sustainability is at our core. We take pride in our extensive portfolio of natural and high-natural index products and sustainable formulation concepts, meeting consumer needs while minimising our environmental impact.

Personal care

A world-renowned expert in rheology technology and a global leader in antiperspirant actives, we offer a wide range of products that touch consumers every day with ingredients providing protection, moisturisation, and elegant sensorial experiences.

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Homecare, industrial & institutional cleaning

For all cleaning and care needs at home, in institutional or industrial settings, we offer superior, sustainable specialty ingredients that help you to build convenient, easy-to-use, and most efficient products for dishwashing, laundry, surface & carpet cleaning, and more. Within our portfolio of clay-based rheology modifiers and structurants, you will find solutions best suited for your application, product format, pH range and consumer preferences.

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Leverage our expert knowledge and locations around the world to learn more about our unique and high-quality additive solutions for agriculture. Break new ground with innovative active ingredients that are suited to changing climates and effective against the increasing number of diseases, weeds and pests.

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As leading supplier in antacid compounds, we offer the widest GMP certified range of antacid materials worldwide. Our products help consumers combat common signs of heartburn and protect the stomach lining.

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