Adhesives & sealants

Broad range of dispersants, defoamers and rheological additives

In the world of bonding and sealing, adhesives and sealants stand as essential components. Adhesives form strong, lasting connections between surfaces, while sealants adhere to multiple surfaces, creating protective barriers by filling gaps. These dual-purpose substances often overlap, possessing both adhesion and sealing capabilities. Their effectiveness hinges on resilience in diverse environments, with application methods playing a crucial role.

At the same time, our rheological additives play an important role. They ensure product performance through sag control and ease of extrusion. They provide stability and prevent settling, extending the shelf life of adhesives. We also contribute to sustainability by offering innovative rheology modifiers for water-based adhesives and prioritizing renewable materials in solvent-based adhesives. Moreover, our rheology additives activate efficiently at lower temperatures, reducing production time. They are available in liquid for improved addition or powder form for enhanced efficiency. In essence, adhesives and sealants are indispensable tools for securing and protecting materials and structures in various applications.

Pressure sensitive adhesives

High sustainable adhesives for your production efficiency 

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Polyurethane, epoxies & solvent borne construction sealants

Product stability with polyurethane construction sealants

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Hybrid adhesives

Elastic bonding with high sustainable hybrid adhesives

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Water-based construction sealants

High sustainable construction sealants for your production efficiency 

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General industrial adhesives

Excellent Know-how for your industrial applications

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Adding future

Every day, we rely on products that enhance our comfort. Their colors, textures, and quality inspire us. That's why we incorporate meaningful, functional, and protective elements. Adding future to everyday life.


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