Antiperspirant & deodorant

Customised solutions for your unique formulation need

Antiperspirants and deodorants are essential for consumers’ need for personal hygiene and confidence. Effective sweat and odor control, providing comfort and dryness while avoiding skin irritation and leaving residues are crucial when it comes to antiperspirants and deodorants. However, it is often challenging to develop antiperspirant products in different application formats like aerosol, roll-on, stick etc. that achieve functional benefits while ensuring product stability.  

Being in the leading position in the market, we do not only offer a broad range of antiperspirant actives, but our technological and formulation expertise in this field and our capability in providing customised solutions. Combining our other products like rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, and other functional ingredients, we offer an extensive portfolio that helps to create formulations creating consumer perceivable benefits in performance and application. 

Get inspiration for the easy-to-use aerosol application. Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of propellants that address local markets as well as global compliance, while enabling basic to very high sweat reduction claims.

Our special stick-grade actives portfolio is addressing common needs for this application area. Whether you are looking for Aluminum/Zirkonium, Aluminum-only or Aluminum-free concepts, we offer solutions across the full performance bandwidth.

Our portfolio of liquid actives is the ideal starting point for roll-on application formats. While offering the full performance spectrum, our actives enable nice sensory, low residue formulations. 

Whether you are looking for creams, semi-solids, wipes or trendy packaging formats, our portfolio covers the full market spectrum of applications. Find out more about our product and formulation concepts that make you stand out.