Meet the Team

Mano de Barros Sanches: “New markets, challenges, opportunities”

“I joined the Talc business as quality manager for the Netherlands. One of my biggest achievements has been to implement the food safety programme HACCP, Kosher, Halal and FSCC certification that we needed to start targeting new markets such as food and pharma with a 100% natural material. I was then able to secure the first customers for our new grade of talc products.”

“I like that I can focus on different types of industries.” 

“Each industry has its own requirements and developments that make the work challenging and never boring. The cooperation with my colleagues is open and constructive, people are always willing to support each other when needed.
Elementis is an established and well-known player in the industry, so the biggest challenge for me will be to develop new applications for the food and pharma industry. We will have some exciting years ahead and we will achieve our goals together as a team.”