For the ultimate performance profile

Stick formulations are complex gelled wax systems with powder active and aesthetic modifiers suspended in an emollient oil carrier system. The format requires a particularly fine particle size. Our portfolio of high-performance Al/Zr actives optimise the appearance and efficacy of a product. Along with high refractive index fluids they minimise visible white residues on skin and clothing. 

The application format has distinctive advantages when it comes to dry, non-tacky application, product adhesion to skin and clinical performance. In addition to a wide portfolio of the dominating Al/Zr technology, we also offer Al-only actives from standard to ultimate performance. 

Our BENTONE GEL® and THIXCIN® series are the perfect companion to boost the pay-off and stability of the final product by providing the desired rheology profile.



MICRO-DRY 691 has a very low particle size which provides homogeneity of the active in anhydrous suspension systems along with a smooth, non-gritty payoff.


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