Meet the Team

Stijn Dejonckheere: “Growing together”

“Since I joined Elementis, I have held various positions in our Personal Care and Coatings businesses. Currently, I am responsible for the Personal Care division, which includes Cosmetics, Antiperspirants Actives and Pharma. I have met brilliant, passionate people working at our offices, plants and labs around the world. It has been an incredible journey of growth and, personally, I appreciate the feeling that we are creating positive change through products that make a difference for our customers and for the world we live in.

Here at Elementis, we live by our Values, and we empower people to find creative solutions to support our customers and solve their challenges.

We strive to create the right conditions, so people feel encouraged to not only do their job, but to enjoy what they are doing. We learn from one another, and we grow together.”