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Solutions for rail transport and special vehicles

The transportation market is rapidly evolving, this includes special vehicles and rail transport, which includes subways, metros, and high-speed rail systems. The primary focus of these developments revolves around the adoption of environmentally friendly coatings and the heightened demand for specific product properties. These properties include exceptional weather resistance, resistance to stone chips, prevention of flash rust, and, crucially, corrosion protection.

To address these evolving requirements, we provide a diverse portfolio of coating additives. This includes rheological additives, wetting agents, dispersants, leveling agents, defoamers, adhesion promoters, and other complementary products.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions that meet these specific demands, and as a global supplier of coating additives, we operate in strict adherence to the diverse regulations imposed by different countries, ensuring that our products not only meet performance expectations but also comply with regional requirements.


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