Stucco & EIFS

Hectorite clays improve sag resistance and workability

Hectorite, a magnesium-based smectite clay, has a significant impact on improving various aspects of construction materials. It enhances sag resistance and workability while maintaining strong adhesion. Our hectorite additives, in particular, excel in enhancing the sag resistance of plasters by enabling a swift recovery of viscosity after application.

Moreover, our additives offer a lubricating effect, making the application of stucco / EIFS easier and resulting in a cleaner finish. They reduce stickiness on steel floats and trowels, leading to smoother surfaces. Additionally, the slip effect of the clay platelets reduces friction between sand and cement particles, which not only simplifies pumping and tooling but also reduces the energy required for these processes.
In essence, our hectorite clays play an important role in optimizing the performance and ease of use in construction materials.


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