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Sustainable solutions for a clean, radiant complexion

A skin care routine is essential to achieving a healthy, radiant complexion. Facial cleansers are especially vital for removing impurities, excess oil and makeup, preventing breakouts and maintaining balance. Moisturisation is crucial for maintaining skin hydration, preventing dryness, and enhancing skin's natural barrier. Understanding the consumer‘s need and the formulator‘s challenges, we offer a range of natural and naturally derived ingredients that address different formulation needs, providing excellent texture, great sensory and stability to the formulation.

Our hectorite based BENTONE HYDROCLAY series offer excellent cleansing efficacy and pH stability while enhancing the texture, spreadability, and skin feel of the product, making it more appealing to consumers. Our 98-99% naturally derived, cold processable BENTONE® LUXE series provides exceptional rheology control for W/O and W/S systems, allows unique textures with elegant sensory and easy application. Our meadowfoam derivatives FANCOR®, MEADOWESTOLIDE® and MEADOWLACTONE® offer moisturisation to the skin, which is essential to facial care products.


Beauty redefined: Silky cleansing melt

Released Trends

As facial cleansing trend continues to evolve, cleansing balms have gained a huge popularity. With a surge in clean beauty and the emphasis on sustainable ingredients and multifunctionality, cleansing balms offer effective, gentle cleansing while nourishing the skin.

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Waterless Vitamin C Brightening Balm with THIXCIN® R PC and BENTONE GEL® LC V

Formulation Highlights

This cold processable, water-free balm is a stable suspension of 25% vitamin C. THIXCIN® R PC allows cold process oil thickening in this system and gives a melting sensation to the formula. BENTONE GEL® LC V provides a light touch along with easy application and helps to suspend the active.

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