Hair care

The best of nature to protect and care for every hairstyle

Similar to make-up, hair care products allow consumers to feature their personality by individual styles underlined by care products, which assure a healthy look and pleasant feel. The delicate structure of the hair requires products that not only wash but also repair and protect the fibers from daily stresses and aggressive treatments like coloration, maintaining the hair’s shine and smoothness. High expectations from hair care products have been further boosted by consumer need of natural and sustainable formulations, driving innovation aligned with planet protection, new water- and energy-saving product formats as well as using biodegradable ingredients.

Experts in rheology modifiers, we offer vital support for complex shampoo formulations with sustainable, natural solutions, backed by technical expertise. 

Explore our conditioning ingredients range, featuring top-performing solutions for leave-on and rinse-off formats—classical conditioners, masks, mists, and oils— proven by scientific evidence for hair care and repair benefits.

Individual hair styles can be now maintained on the go with a hairdresser effect thanks to our viscosity enhancers and caring components which add shine, healthy look and smooth feel, even to the most elaborate styles.

Whether it's a hair repair mask or an after-colorant product, our sensory-enhancing oils and conditioning ingredients ensure a noticeable difference. They deliver top-tier performance, scientifically validated for their benefits.