Skim coat, plaster & joint compounds

Leveling compounds for a wide range of applications

Hectorite clays offer a valuable solution for enhancing sag resistance in various applications. They enable a swift recovery of viscosity after application, ensuring improved performance. Additionally, these clays reduce friction between sand and cement particles, resulting in reduced energy requirements for pumping, workability, and tooling.

Leveling compounds come in different consistencies, ranging from runnable to stable. We provide products tailored to your specific needs, whether for cement, plaster, or synthetic resin applications.

Our hectorite clays play a key role in bolstering sag resistance by facilitating rapid viscosity recovery after application. They also contribute to more efficient pumping, workability, and tooling by reducing friction between sand and cement particles. Furthermore, our products promote proper curing of cementitious materials, ultimately reducing the risk of cracking and extending product life cycles.




A silicone free powdered defoamer – helps to eliminate entrained air in dry mixes.

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