Automotive refinish coatings

Reduction of VOC emissions succeeds with our coating solutions

The primary challenge facing the car refinishing market both currently and in the foreseeable future is the pursuit of greater efficiency. Our customers are striving for more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices while also seeking to expand their business. All of this is taking place in the context of rising energy costs and supply chain issues.

One significant shift is the transition from solvent-based (SB) coatings to waterborne (WB) alternatives. However, it's essential to acknowledge that not all car refinish shops can make an immediate and complete switch from solvent-based to waterborne products. We provide solutions that act as a bridge between the two, allowing shops to reduce their volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, expedite drying times, and cure at lower temperatures. This transition towards waterborne coatings is driven by the desire for safer and more environmentally friendly products.

We offer numerous waterborne solutions once the transition to waterborne coatings is achieved. Furthermore, our additives can facilitate this process or help minimise the less desirable aspects of solvent-based systems, supporting our customers' commitment to sustainability.


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