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Clay-based rheology modifiers for high-performance sunscreens

Consumer demand for sun care products is on the rise, driven by the growing recognition of sun protection as an essential aspect of maintaining skin health. In an era of increasingly informed consumers, their expectations extend beyond basic UV protection. They now seek products boosting high SPF, water resistance, lightweight feel, and natural ingredients. With consumers setting such high standards, it is often very challenging for formulators to create sunscreens that meet these multifaceted needs while still be able to maintain the formulation stability and great sensory.

As an expert in rheology modifier, we offer a range of solutions that can address challenges faced by formulators. Whether it’s enhancing suspension and stability, improving film thickness or boosting SPF and water resistance, we have the right solutions that suit your formulation needs.


A cleaner and greener glow


With the ever-changing consumer trends, sunscreen is not just about UV protection anymore.

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Day Damage Defense Cream with BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2100

Formulation Highlights

Thanks to BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2100, which stabilizes the emulsions and suspends actives, this daily wear facial cream has a light sensory texture allowing a smooth and even application while giving a dry touch after-feel. The cream has a proposed SPF 25 with PA+++, which helps to protect damage from the sun.

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