Homecare, industrial & institutional cleaning

For all cleaning and care needs at home, in institutional or industrial settings, we offer superior, sustainable specialty ingredients that help you to build convenient, easy-to-use, and most efficient products for dishwashing, laundry, surface & carpet cleaning, and more. Within our portfolio of clay-based rheology modifiers and structurants, you will find solutions best suited for your application, product format, pH range and consumer preferences.

At Elementis, we offer natural and sustainable ingredients to support you in creating all types of home care and I&I cleaning formulations - from a gentle pet shampoo to the most efficient oven cleaner. Our formulation and application experts will advise you on rheology modifiers and performance additives to best address the technical requirements of your product and market trends for eco-friendly, convenient, and efficient home care and cleaning formulations.

Contact us and talk to our expert about how we can help with your formulation needs.

Fabric care

Fabric softeners contain active ingredients, mostly cationic surfactants, which provide a soft feel. Our natural clay-based thickeners are the most compatible fit to provide the desired viscosity, and additional fabric softening. The RHEOCLEAN® HI range is ideal for stabilising particles, oils or fragrances, and recommended for thickening and structuring of fabric washing liquid formats. 


For hand-dishwashing products consumers expect high efficacy, which can be harsh on skin – therefore formulators try to use mild detergents where achieving good viscosity is challenging. Our clay-based rheology modifiers are mild to skin and provide the right viscosity and flow properties, additionally enabling natural, eco-friendly formulations. For automatic dishwashing, we offer natural binders for tablets and defoaming ingredients. 

Surface cleaning

To clean and protect surfaces effectively, we offer high-quality wax additives, defoamers and surface additives. With our rheological additives, we support the consumer-desired viscosity and flow behavior of cleaning and care products. Create products to clean, protect, including delicate surfaces etc. 

Vehicle care

For vehicle care, we offer various additives for washing, cleaning, and protection. Our products support various application areas, ranging from viscosity adjustment for liquids and for spray properties, drip control, surface protection for car polishes, foam control for automatic washing stations, and many more. With extensive expertise in aerosols, we will support you in creating spray products for car interior. 

Pet care

Our portfolio addresses the unique needs of our four-legged friends, focussing on bio-based ingredients enabling mild formulations, for gentle cleansing and fur conditioning. We help our customers to control the rheology of mild surfactant-based formulations to achieve great spreadability and sensory profile. Moreover, we offer solutions for odor control especially appreciated by cat lovers, as well as odor neutralises for car care, if your pet is a passionate traveller! 

Industrial & institutional cleaning

Professional industries require professional cleaning solutions. You can count on Elementis to help you with the heaviest-duty cleaning of industrial kitchens with rheology modifiers for scrub particle stabilisation, drip control for oven cleaners, but also for carpet or hard surface cleaners. And while some surfaces may require a gentle care, we will support you with natural, mild and efficient ingredients and formulation tips to achieve sparkling results.