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Anna Schmoll: “Intern experience turned into a chemist career“

“Gaining experience in an industry was crucial to broadening my understanding of where I might want to start my career after graduation.
In my intern programme with Elementis, I was encouraged to spend some time with various groups at the company. I got to spend some time in various labs, sales, finance, and IT. I was also fortunate to attend a lunch with the CEO that included a career path discussion. This privilege was very informative and helped me feel welcome and valued at the company.

I have had a great experience at Elementis and I am eager to see how I continue to grow here.

With the support from my manager and team, the opportunity for roles to develop and change over time has contributed to my growth as a chemist and formulator. While helping me grow professionally, Elementis also encourages good work-life balance with amenities such as our in-house gym and Summer Friday’s. I had a fantastic mentor during my internship who has continued to help open my eyes to how I could apply my chemistry degree in a way that allows me to utilise my technical background while also allowing me to be creative in a relatable, dynamic industry. My intern experience was pivotal in setting me on my career path in the personal care industry.”