Sustainable Solutions

We combine our expertise in natural clay and talc minerals with bio-derived molecules to create better outcomes for our customers and the world. 

We focus on lowering the overall material footprint and reduce the amount of resources needed in our processes. Additionally, many of our products help our customers use less energy and their operations emit less greenhouse gas.

Focus on natural and naturally-derived material content

We already have a high natural and naturally-derived material content (as defined by ISO16128) in our product portfolio. Our product innovation teams are working with suppliers and customers to further increase our use of bio-based materials, both as a direct replacement of fossil-derived petrochemicals and to create new products altogether. Our natural additives are crucial for use in cosmetics and personal care items.

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We are committed to a future with a healthy planet, thriving people and sustainable development. We believe that by embracing environmentally responsible processes, fostering social well-being, and ensuring economic resilience, we can contribute to a better future for all. Our dedication to sustainability is not just a goal; it's our way of doing business.

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Creating water and microplastic-free ingredients

Keeping sustainability at the heart of what we do, we offer a range of water and microplastic-free ingredients to cater to the needs of the consumers, while minimizing the impact on our planet.

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Sustainable ingredients

We focus on lowering the overall material footprint and reduce the amount of resources needed - allowing tremendous impact on the final product’s performance and sustainability.

Determined to replace fossil derived with renewable or recycled - without compromising on quality and performance – we develop additives sourced from nature and switch to more natural materials. While this is positive for our sustainable goals, it is also helping our customer commitment to reach their sustainable goals.

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