Creating water and microplastic-free ingredients

Water scarcity and water pollution continues to be a concern for the environment. 

Every year, about 130 tons of microplastic particles from personal care products enter the wastewater treatment systems. This intensifies the problem of clean water supply, adding more pressure to the ecosystem. According to WWF, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity and 2/3 of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions by 2025.  

What is microplastic?

Microplastics, as defined by ECHA, are solid particles with external dimensions of >1 nm and <5 mm. Functional ingredients acting as rheology modifiers or film formers, however, are mostly used in their liquid form and are thus colloquially referred to as liquid microplastic. Even though they do not actually fit under the definition ‘microplastic’, they enter wastewater streams and potentially the food chain. Such synthetic polymers feature a poor biodegradability and will persist in the environment over a very long period.

Keeping sustainability at the heart of what we do, we offer a range of water and microplastic-free ingredients to cater to the needs of the consumers, while minimising the impact on our planet.