Hybrid adhesives

Elastic bonding with high sustainable hybrid adhesives

Hybrid adhesives strike a unique balance between strength and flexibility by combining the characteristics of both polyurethanes and silicones. This adaptability makes them well-suited for elastic bonding, a crucial requirement in industries such as automotive and construction, where bonded components must endure shocks, vibrations, and varying thermal conditions.

In contrast to traditional silicone sealants, hybrid options utilise polymer technology to blend silicone and polyurethane, resulting in a resilient sealant. These versatile "Hybrids" serve dual roles as both adhesives and sealants, earning them the designation of "Adhesive & Sealant" products. While adhesives prioritise robust bonding, emphasizing higher strength and reduced elongation, their primary goal is to maintain bond strength over time.

One notable feature of these products is their solvent-free and isocyanate-free composition, contributing to their recognition in the industry.


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