Pressure sensitive adhesives

High sustainable adhesive additives for your production efficiency

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are integral to a wide range of industries, spanning automotive, medical, food, packaging, and electronics. Their main purpose lies in the production of labels and adhesive strips. With our innovative additives, we offer a host of advantages tailored to these diverse sectors, including enhanced stability, reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing, and the activation of rheology additives at lower temperatures.

Belonging to a subclass that maintains tackiness at room temperature, these pressure-sensitive adhesive additives adhere firmly to different surfaces upon contact, requiring nothing more than finger pressure. There's no need for activation by water, solvent, or heat. Despite their tackiness, they are easily handled with fingers and can be removed without leaving any residue.
Pressure-sensitive additives offer numerous benefits, including the ability to bond dissimilar materials without compatibility concerns, as well as providing vibration dampening and noise reduction. They also streamline assembly processes, saving time, and eliminate the need for surface refinishing. 
These qualities make them indispensable, particularly in applications where thinner and lighter materials are preferred.

Within our RHEOLATE® AND NUOSPERSE® product range we have multiple solutions to offer. 


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