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Flawless paneling and woodwork

In a world where hybrid/ remote work is increasingly common, both indoor and outdoor living spaces have gained greater importance in people's daily lives. Our surfaces face more challenges than ever before, as climate change impacts exterior surfaces and we spend more time indoors, subjecting surfaces to wear and tear, affecting both durability and aesthetics. Like the overall architectural market, the primers & trim market is also witnessing a shift toward more sustainable, safer, and higher-performing paint systems capable of withstanding these challenges while remaining easy to apply.

With a growing variety of building materials in use, the paints of the future must adhere to multiple substrates, meeting the enhanced performance expectations of the market and delivering beautiful, long-lasting paint finishes.

Our products offer enhanced multi-surface adhesion, ensuring surfaces like doors, window frames, wooden claddings resist water, corrosion and blocking. By doing so, elevating them into captivating focal points. At the same point, they deliver excellent brush performance, support versatile application properties, resist sagging, and prevent settling.

Furthermore, our coatings provide heightened resistance to scratches, chemicals, and skin oils, ensuring enduring quality.



Excellent high-shear viscosity build, great synergy with RHEOLATE CVS® rheology modifiers, excellent color properties and good resistances.

  • High gloss, exceptional color acceptance
  • Excellent wet and dry film adhesion
  •  Great syneresis control


BENTONE® EW is a hectorite based clay that is designed for water-borne systems, primarily latex paints. With its platy structure it outperformance bentonite clays.

  • Super easy wetting properties
  • Outstanding performance on anti-phase separation
  • Improved sag and slump resistance

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