Personal care

Broad range of solutions for your beauty and personal care formulation

Keeping sustainability at the heart of what we do, we address the needs of today’s consumers through stunning textures and smart formulation concepts. Together with our technological and formulation expertise, we have the right solutions for every formulation challenge and needs.

We offer an extensive portfolio of natural and naturally derived ingredients e.g. our clay-based rheology modifiers BENTONE®, our botanical emollients FANCOR®, our conditioning additives FANCOL®, and our bio-functional active ingredients. 

Colour cosmetics

From subtle daily looks to bold and dramatic transformations, we offer a wide range of solutions and technologies that help formulate makeup products with vibrant colour and excellent sensory, allowing consumers to showcase their individuality and personality through a palette of shades.

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Skin & sun care

Skin and sun care products are vital for skin health and sun protection. As an expert in rheology modifiers, we provide solutions that enhance efficacy, sensory experience, and eco-friendliness in formulations, ensuring a radiant complexion and sustained skin well-being for consumers. 

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Antiperspirant & deodorant

Antiperspirant and deodorant trends are evolving to meet consumer demands for effective and sustainable solutions. Today's consumers seek products that provide long-lasting odor protection while avoiding harsh chemicals. As a leading raw material supplier in the market, we offer an extensive portfolio that helps to create formulations creating consumer perceivable benefits in performance and application.

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Hair care

Our portfolio addresses hair care needs of consumers with all hair types and ethnicities. Targeted to individual preferences, and aligned with current market and sustainability trends, we provide solutions that help to build natural, planet-friendly formulations without compromising on product sensorial and hair benefits.

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