Colour cosmetics

Elevating beauty through innovative technologies and formulations

In the dynamic landscape of evolving trends and diverse consumer preferences, colour cosmetics go beyond just aesthetic enhancement; they empower self-expression, celebrate individuality, and embrace inclusivity. To keep up with such changes in the consumer demands, it is becoming more and more challenging to develop color cosmetics products: from creating vibrant and long-lasting shades that cater to a diverse range of skin tones, achieving pigment stability and colour payoff while ensuring even application, to offering skincare benefits and ensuring product safety.  

As the market leader in oil-based rheology modification, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions and cutting-edge technologies that help formulate makeup products with vibrant colour and excellent sensory experience. Our hectorite technology provides exceptional suspension and distribution of actives and film formers, improving the long wear of colour cosmetics products. Leveraging our formulation expertise and offering highly customised solutions, we address every formulation challenge in the ever-changing world of color cosmetics.

Whether evening out skin tone, covering imperfections, or adding a healthy, dewy glow on the skin, our expansive product portfolio provides solution to your formulation challenge. 

Our unique clay-based rheology modifiers offer exceptional pigment suspension and dispersion capabilities, allowing for formulating the most vibrant eye makeup to stand out from the crowd. 

Matte or glossy, vibrant or neutral, we offer a broad range of ingredients to help you formulate lip products with excellent payoff, outstanding stick flexibility and long-lasting wear.